Freaked out

I’m at this nursing home and like 6 people here are named after people I’m very close to in real life. This seems beyond coincidence. What to make of it?

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It’s just a coincidence. Schizophrenic minds seem to be often drawn to synchronicities that mean nothing. Don’t let it occupy your mind and become some sort of delusion.


Thanks. I’m no longer freaked out really.


Still am scared about my boyfriend being the devil. I tell myself someone throughout history would comment about the devil if they ran into him (besides the current Pope), and that sort of helps, but I’m still uncertain. But the fact that the Pope commented on it worries me.

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Yeah, I’m not sure how good your boyfriend is for you…telling you that he is a “fallen angel” and whatnot. Feeding into your delusions…

The Pope says the devil is a con artist and that’s how my boyfriend comes off as. I’m worried.

Your boyfriend isn’t the devil…a con artist I might believe.

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People keep telling me I’m so beautiful and pretty. This freaks me out because I feel the devil gave me an artificially beautiful appearance. What to think? I didn’t used to look so “pretty.”

My voice also sounds artificial. I just feel like it’s not my own. Like something was done to me.

Maybe the popes the con artist :smiley:

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My cousin’s daughter is growing. I think she’s 14 or 15 now. But she’s funny looking just cos she’s growing and going thru an awkward phase. But that little girl is going to be gorgeous when she grows up.

Now I feel everyone is a clone around me.

Feelings are powerful sensations

But what if they’re really clones. And now I’m scared I’m going to hell because of the North Korea thing. It’s the same old thing never seemingly going away.

We have had this discussion before. There is no technology to create a full size clone that can imitate and act like it’s the person you are trying to imitate. A clone would be born as a baby and would need years to grow into an adult and you cannot insert the cloned persons personality into the clone to make him/her seem like the other person.

Is the North Korea thing low likelihood?

Yes…extremely low. Like nonexistent chance. The tech to do that to you isn’t there, even if someone wanted to, they couldn’t make you a duplicate of the dictator.

It’s just I don’t want to take the chance. It’s like when people don’t want to kill themselves because there’s a chance they can go to hell. I feel like this is a similar situation and I don’t know how to resolve it.

Take a chance on living as if that would never happen

Just enjoy your life like it would never happen

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