Fraud where I live


I live in an a assisted living facility, so my medical doctor, psychiatrist who is actually a nurse practitioner, and my foot doctor and eye doctor all come here to see me. The medical doctor and psych nurse is supposed to see me once a month. I have a real problem with both of them. First of all, the psych.nurse claims a visit with me when he never even saw me and I am sure he is being paid for the visit. When he does see me, he talks ton me in the smoke area right I front of everyone else, all he does is ask how I amissed sleeping, am I eating ok, how are the voices, and is there anything he can do for me. To me this is medicare and Medicaid fraud.
I have some serious medical conditions that requires close monitoring,but my medical doctor does not even address them when he sees me. I had blood coming out of my ear and he did not even have an instrument to look in my ear, he said I can go to an ear doctor if it concerned me. I am on blood thinners news for 2 clotting disorders, and he is no longer monitoring my blood and I do not know why. When he sees me, it is for maybe 5 minhtes, he asks if I have anything going to ask and then he is done. He does not listen to my heart or my lungs, he does take my blood pressure but that is about all.
I finally am tired of the negligence here, and I got the number of a doctor a friend gave me, he said this doctor will spend at least 20 to 30 minutes with me, and they do blood work regularly.
I am scared to change doctors excuse I tried to another time and the administator, who is also the ownier, refused to give me the number of the doctor I wanted to see. She is very controlling and I am afraid of her. When someone reports her to child and adult protective services, and the state comes in to see what is going on here, she goes yelling at the person that called and treats that person really badly for then on. She oh as cursed at residents, we run out of food so they will give double veggies instead of meat, . It is so hard living like this.
I am calling the new medical doctor on monday, I am scared of what my reprocessing are going to be.


I do not know why some of my post go higblighted, I am still getting used to using this site, also, sorry my post is so long, and so sorry for all my typing errors! I am new to this touch screen keyboard,


Sometimes I’m aware that sz is just a cold that got out of hand. Keep yourself hydrated and warm and you might become more self dependent.


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I’m afraid that it is the kind of world where people will get away with all they can. I live in an assisted living center specifically for the mentally ill. I mentioned to my doctor that I might need to be checked for STD’s. He didn’t even acknowledge my request. That doesn’t make sense.


Thank you Barbie.

Crimbie, if you do not mind, please tell me more of what it is like at the ALF where you live and in what state you live in. I am in Florida aND the living situation for the mentally ill is not good. The ALF I live I is well taken care of compared to others I have onlyrics heard about, and it is close to stores, and that is a good thing I like about it, but we do not get enough food, and the administration is always yelling about one thing going or a other. I will say compared to others I have only heard about I suppose it is not too bad. We are mixed though, it is not all mentally ill, it is elderly also.


Report that dr to medicare if you believe there is fraud.
Don’t report anything to that woman who will make your life worse.
Medicare needs to know where the fraud is, and can’t help unless they are aware of it.
Here is a link and numbers to call,


That is outrageous! Not enough food?
I would do what @Csummers is saying. Good for you getting another doctor. I would tell your new doctor what has been going on also.
Maybe you can even look at moving to a new center. **