Fraseled by this illness called schizophrenia

:triumph: sometimes in life you must move onwardthings were placed for you to develop into a person you were never meant to be now that that has changed you can become a person you still want to be or be proud to be regardless of the outcome you will always be known as somebody that will have tried I am frazzled by this illness erect my nervous system completely sometimes on the edge thoughts are so moresimilar and therefore I must battle even more

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You have a gift.

I recently went to my pdoc, he described me as a burnt out schizophrenic, I recently started taking calcium, chelated magnesium and B1 to treat my anxiety disorder and panic attacks which it has feeling more relaxed funny thing is I’ve reduced my sulpiride from 800mg to 200mg how cool is that, big respect to Phyllis Bach for her books Nutrional Healing