Fragmented identities

Each of this fragmented identity keeps distracting my rational mind. These fragmented identities talk to me and to each other. I call this fragmented identities as delusional mind. It is like arm-wrestling, the more rational mindset, the better.

First approach is:

  1. Collects my identities
    (a) scattered throughout the postings on the Internet
    (b) by identifying personal belongings
  2. Organizes the collected information of my identities
    (a) Categorize them
    (b) Prioritize them
  3. Sum up the reordered identities using numbers, symbols and phrases (in different languages that I’m familiar with)

The abovementioned approach consolidate my fragmented identities temporarily. Now my delusional mind is no longer tormenting. Rational mind 60% and delusional mind 40%

Second approach is:

  1. Burn out the consolidated identities

The last approach essentially dismantle the delusional mind.

ONE person ONE mind (and that should be my rational mind) :wink:

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skimmed this. It’s triggering, honey.

It sounds like you have the I.T. department working on your mind.

Good luck with it @Plumber

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