Fourteen Walls

Every day’s the last day
But I’ve lived that way
And I ain’t going back
I’m not gonna live in fear
I know what’s on the inside
and I know what’s true
and what’s true contradicts
what I hear laid against me
Everyday, but every day’s a new day
I’m not gonna live in fear
but I find myself confined
within my fourteen walls
So’s like what do I have to complain about
Everyday really does seem like the last
All I have is to cling to my sanity
in a seemingly insane world
in which I was born, raised and came up in
made myself in, but I came up young
and I guess I’ll be that way forever
but what you make from that is just that
I’ve known many who came up young
went on to live learn and laugh
I’m no criminal, unless crime includes
thought or being the victim of those
who should have answered for what
they misused, but if I’m called upon
to go down, as an innocent man
for the crime of being innocent
yeah my mind’s on but is you’re mind open?
I don’t even know what would compel
a human being to such things
that have been forced on me
but, nah it’s not them who go down
It’s the weak link, it’s dog eat dog
and I’m the eaten dog
sometimes I pray and the st I hear
I can’t bel;ieve, but I do to an extent believe
If I go down then they all go down
If you wanna put it all on me
than as I’ve adopted the two faced
hypocritical lies of devotion to honesty
that was my father or was it?
Nah, it was all a lie.
If I go out on this s
t, I hope for you all,
I go out knowing that the bad guy’s win
and the good go down
the victim goes down
for being right
for being there
for being alive
and I’m alive, within my fourteen walls
so how can I complain?

(I know I’m no poet just call me David the Misunderstood)

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