Four words I wish I could take back

I know parts of this are going to be difficult to understand since many members here aren’t religious. But I’ll try my best to say them quickly and explain what I mean.

Ok so what are the four words I wish I could take back? “Will you marry me?” When I asked Jeanette (that’s her name easier than saying my wife 50 billion times) for her hand in marriage it was the stupidest thing I have ever said. Why? Several reasons. One is, there hasn’t been a single 5 minutes after we got married that we’ve gotten along. We’re both Calvinists but I guess I’m Calvinist to a higher extreme than she is.

I’m highly archaic in my religious beliefs. I believe the Bible and the last time my wife’s opened her Bible has gotta be 8+ years ago. But anyway, we both don’t believe in divorce which causes major problems in our marriage. In fact, without divorce I think the only way Jeanette can be happy again is if I died. If I died she would be free to meet and marry somebody else because I? I ■■■■■■ up too badly. It’s impossible for me to ever make her happy. I can’t just divorce her because she (and I) both think that if you remarry after divorce you’re committing adultery.

The only way for me to undo this horrible ■■■■■■ is if I died. Not suicidal I’m talking about natural death here. I weigh over 400 pounds it’s only a matter of time till I suffer my first heart attack. Doubtful I’d live that. Especially if I tell noone and 911 never gets called. Maybe they’ll invent a time machine before then and I can go back and never ask her. Hey it could happen, but I think a heart attack is a more likely and better solution to this problem.

Thanks for listening and trying to understand anyway. I just mostly wanted to admit to the world that wanting happiness for us was the stupidest mistake I ever, ever, made.


I am sorry to hear this. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking. Life is too short to be unhappy. What if you just divorced her but didn’t remarry anyone. Would that still be within in your religious laws. Okay if there is no way out I guess you will just have to avoid her the best way you can to reduce conflict. Try being out of the home alot. Try headphones, try avoiding her as much as you can.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not religious but I am aware of the different rules you’re supposed to live by. I think it is a shame that you don’t feel there’s a way out of your predicament other than to die. Makes me wonder what kind of God would rather see you live a miserable life in a relationship you no longer have love in, than parting your ways to find a loving relationship. Surely a loving and caring god will understand your situation. What ever you decide, I hope things improve for you.


That’s a really sad story. I don’t think God wants you two, to be miserable, but I understand wanting to follow your faith, especially in corrupt times.

religion. nope.

I got down on one knee with Phil’s ring and asked him to marry me.

he called me a goofball. mmmmm.

I agree. Life is too short and valueable to live in such unhappiness.
TS I Hope you and your wife will part ways and find the happiness you both deserve.


so discard is good?


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