Foundationalism: Can We Know Anything For Certain?

The only truth I need to know is does my television remote work or not.



Nothing is certain.

I am trying to not come to an absolute conclusion on anything and let my mind be able to accept I could be wrong.

To many changing variables for anything to be absolute


IMO : Bro you need Freedom from Wisdom

One can only pursue wisdom but never attain it.

Because if attained there is no purpose of life after that.

Anyways you can still choose !

Make hay while the sun shine

Dreams of fire - #8 by X_Y_Z

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The article is actually really good. It doesn’t take you down any rabbit holes. I think it’s fair and honest. I enjoyed it.

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theres too many ads on that site. cant read it sorry.

I wanted to discuss something like this, but I doubt the discussion would get much traction here

I know that a bad day with a camera beats a good day doing anything else.

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Can’t vouch for anyone else, but I know for once I’ve got sz. Fact.

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