Found out something amusing

So one of my old friends here went down this whole bad path of drugs & whatnot during college (sad) and I was asking her stories about different drugs just out of curiosity. I was especially interested in her LSD experience and asked what she saw and she said she saw the floor swirling and lights and basically everything I already see on a regular basis :joy::joy: Just confirms that my brain is on a permanent acid trip. Lovely. Really don’t know why that is, but it’s probably more related to my narcolepsy than my psychosis bc when I take modafinil I don’t get those trippy hallucinations.

I tried 1 dose once and saw some rainbow affects in the Windows reflection. Maybe a headache too. Didn’t seem that fun, maybe I was just scared to try again

Her friends offered her more to get a more intense trip but she refused. Apparently the first time she tried it she didn’t even hallucinate it just gave her a terrible anxiety attack. She doesn’t really like it.

I’d be so intrigued to try it & maybe weed but I know I can’t because of my psychosis. Ah well. Probably for the best anyways.

I’ve eaten a bunch of mushrooms before on a number of occasions. Those were more fun. I’d say they were like being really stoned. Still I don’t think I’d recomend them.

Trying LSD especially would be a very foolish thing to do.
Glad you understand this.

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Yeah I haven’t had a major psychotic episode in 2 years. I’m not about to risk breaking that streak, or worse permanently deteriorating my condition. Nope.

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