Found out for the umpteenth time

I’ll tell you, it’s amazing how taking one little action can change things. I didn’t do much today. Cooked, walked the dog, straightened up the house and came on here. Just an hour ago I was depressed because I had not done more. My life was over. I decided to take my sisters dog for a walk. Life is good again!! It’s a nice night, it’s not too cold. I walked for ten minutes and stopped up front to get my mail. All my medications came today in the mail! I watched the people drive by in cars. Found out for the umpteenth time that lots of people are acting. Period. Sure there’s some tough cookies out there. In a way, walking near the busy street was a failure. Some people faked me out some people I should have ignored but it was a learning experience. No big deal, getting some fresh air was great, and life sucks, but it looks better now. And now that I think of it, maybe those guys in the cars aren’t as bad as I think they are. As Jon Lovitz would say, “Yeah, that’s the ticket”.


The director resumed the shoot again…ah yeah, almost forgot, it’s April again.
Time for all those with nothing better to do to come out of hibernation and bother those with a lot to do. But wait, check this out, something is different this year. Hmmmmm, looky look a bit closer at the set…
What do you know?
The broken ashtray has been discarded! By golly you don’t say, the air is so much more…? Yes, Fresher! That’s it! It’s a cut and wrap. Pack it up and time to clear the set. Awwww, shucks it’s finally finished. Back to to soup line folks!

Sorry Nick, I just had to get silly. Nothing personal to you, don’t pay attention to my post, I just had to talk to the acting folks.

It’s easy to forget that lots of people are acting. I’ve been having an odd bit of timing lately.

When I feel my life is not what it should be and I’m always going to have just this and no more, and look at all the other people who have more… like my younger brother who has the beautiful house, and the beautiful wife, and I never had a chance to even get to school…

My sister-in-law ends up coming over, out of the blue or e-mailing me. My younger brother LOOKS like he has it all, but his marriage is hanging by thread according to his wife. The house is in debt and the fancy new car is a lease.

My brother has admitted himself into rehab soon after my other brother was committed. I am doing OK actually. I’m pulling my head together after a rough night. But other then that, for now, it’s all OK.

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im like that too i can go from suicidle to eleated in a matter of days