Found my scope of interest at last


Four of them, namely:

Spiritual Health. Thanks to God’s Word, I have more wisdom than whom I was before.

Male Parent. We care for each other. That’s probably how our lives will be in the remaining years to come.

Cabin Bagagge. It means ‘travel’. I learn how to pack my goods, board the flight and clear immigration.

Brain Disorder. Live with it! It is my illness, but I could also do something good in return to people like me.

Have you found yours? Get it, and go for it!


welcome back, plumber.


Thank you, green6. How are you doing?


I am doing alright. a bit glitch here and there, but nothing serious. Thank you. In which city are you in now?


A suburb nearby Melbourne.


excellent. Traveling on your own?


Yes. :relaxed: .


Guy, you are having a happy life by traveling overseas so frequently.


Only this period of time, I think.


How could you afford the cost of traveling to overseas country? Did your parents pay for the flight?


Yes, my father paid for it. That’s the issues I am still struggling with the most-- source of income.


Your father is very nice to you. He supports you.