Found a right hairdresser

I am serious about physical appearance. But my budget for haircut is small because I can’t afford to go to those first rate hairdressing salons. Now among those low cost hairdressing salons, I have found a good hairdresser. Yesterday I had a pretty good haircut at Yongqi salon and met this hairdresser. They gave me a 50% off discount as I registered as a member. They charged me ¥44 (about $8) for that haircut.


When my hair gets long and unruly I get my brother to shave it all off.

I must admit why most hairdressers charge an arm and a leg for female hair cuts is beyond me.

I didn’t get it. What is this “charge an arm and a leg”?

My girlfriend has long, curly hair. I love it but she wanted to get it straightened. She went to a salon for a Keratin treatment. It took like something over two hours and cost over $100. Geez.

Wow, your girlfriend must be very trendy! She must have a job herself otherwise $100 for a hair style is way too much for her.

Charging an “arm and leg” is a figure of speech. That is, if they are going to take off and arm and leg to pay for something, then that’s really expensive, goes the logic.

One should be able to Google such phrases and get the urban dictionary definition, I would think.


PS I wanted to know what a Rad Med Tech might be, so I looked up “rad” in the urban dictionary


Sorry, means cost a lot of money.

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I go to Indian barber, and that only costs me MYR 9. (USD 3)

Before I recently relocated I had a friend of mine who cut my hair. She’s an all around sweetheart if somewhat out of practice as a hairdresser which she went to school for but never made a career out of. I mean she never butchered my hair by any stretch. I’ve just never been incredibly picky about how my hair looks anyway. Whats important to me is that I was comfortable with her…both the thought of either the awkward silence or likewise small talk of getting a haircut from a stranger makes me cringe…

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I don’t like going to barbers - I cut my own hair, buzz cut, very short hair or getting all of your hair chopped off is the style among men today - glad you found a good hairdresser @green5

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Finding someone you trust and has the skill is hard to do. I’m glad you found someone you like.

I’m getting a lot better about strangers… but i still don’t trust them with sharp things around my head.

My sis will cut my hair. I like my hair a bit longer so my sis will trim it here and there to keep the split ends off. But for some reason, she won’t let me cut her hair. I’ve offered.


When I get the occasional mad urge to cut my hair, I do it myself. In February I was really stupid - I cut all my shoulder-length hair off so it was about 2cm long. I wanted to look like Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted, but it came out too short. I am still paying for it to this day, it takes forever to grow out. My mom said next time I must go to a hairdresser!

This is a precious experience of cutting long hair short ! I bet you look good either in long hair or short hair. I am not satisfied with the size of my jaws so don’t dare cut my hair too short.

I get a Number 3 guard out and buzz my head once it gets to the point that it starts standing up in the morning. I hate dealing with my hair. I wish someone would invent a product that would freeze hair from growing. They’d be a billionaire overnight. I also have ZERO tolerance for facial hair. Shave in the morning every day, and have ever since I was 15. The longest I ever went without shaving was 72 hours, and that’s because I was in the regular hospital with a potentially lethal case of viral pneumonia.

I hate shaving. I never shave. My brother carved out a goatee from the massive barbarian beard I had the other day with his clippers. That’s all the shaving that ever gets done around here.

Oh goodness, I can’t imagine life with a beard. Once I get prickly I start to twitch, and yesterday I shaved twice.

Ugh, I get a little ill even thinking about shaving twice in a day.

At least we can agree on the short/no hair on TOP of the noodle!

I’m with Malvok on that one - I LOOOVE beards on men!
Funny enough, I like long hair on men, too :smile: