Found a old Note book

I found a old notebook and was reminded of some beliefs I’ve had.

I thought that my mum kept aborting me so my horse had to give birth to me so I thought my horse gave birth to me.

I also thought my horse was possessed.

I thought the water was poisoned my food was poisoned.

My family was trying to kill me n pretended to live next

Someone would be paid ten million dollars to marry me but they would not love me they would only marry me for the money and they would cheat on me.

I thought I was a billionaire.

I thought my x was Gina rinehart.he is a man.

I thought my family was not my real family and they were getting paid to pretend they love me.

I had voices and gunshots n moans 24/7.

I thought my real father was a Muslim so I changed my name and became a Muslim for a year and I love my dad and have to try change my name back now.

I thought they were using invisible weapons on me.

That’s just some delusions I e had.

I may have had hundreds of delusions.

More than I can remember or begin to write about so …

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I thought I was royal.

I thought dolphins were sharks and they transformed.

I thought my best friends were having sex with my soul mate and moaning and talking badly of me.

I thought my friends pretended to love me and betrayed me.

I thought my x mum kept screaming she’s better at maths than me.

I thought I was reincarnated and kept getting aborted.

I thought I was more precious and superior than arch angels.

I thought everyone was jealous of me and attacking me.

And how are the strange beliefs now? Under control?

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Sounds like schizophrenia! I’ve been in similar states. I don’t really think back on that now even though it’s all still real and vivid. For me I moved on and that was great as I’m sure you have too. I couldn’t help that I was thinking such things but for me it’s not really what details were important.

I think it all just means that to me and to everyone else they’ve no idea. That works for me. I just don’t even think back that far anymore. Put stock in tomorrow and give that a good go!

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Yes thank you.

It’s been stable and good for atleast a year.

I was my best I’ve ever been I think till I lowered my medication and got a bit depressed but i nolonger have voices and nolonger am delusional.

Thankful for the forum and you guys.:two_hearts:

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I also thought I was viktoria Beckham and that her children were mine n her husband was mine.

I have had so many delusions.

It is great to nolonger have voices and delusions.

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