Found a new PC case in my garage, what should I do?

Found this in my garage. Should I sell it on Kijiji for 45$CA or should I build a PC with old parts I have like a Q9550 and 4Gb DDR2 1066Mhz?

Windows 7 or Windows 10? I already have spare Windows keys of both.

I might sell the PC for my mom’s office for 120$CA.

Which do you need more? Money or a new computer?

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I personally don’t need any of both but I would give the money to my mother. I already have a much better PC and I am living with my parents, I don’t have any expenses other than my PC.

I will build it as I also found a compatible Gigabyte motherboard and some 500Gb hard drives. They need a PC at my mom’s accounting office for accounting softwares and Excel.
I will ask her if they will buy it for 120$CA.

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Which Windows should I use?
At the office some have Win 7 and some Win 10 but Win 7 doesn’t get security updates anymore.

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