Found a Dr

I found a Dr that came recommended by some friends. My appointment is quite a few weeks away. I don’t really know what I should tell them and what I shouldn’t… Should I bring my art?


I think you should bring what you find helpful, I love your art and it does show what you’re feeling and thinking.

then if you don’t feel comfortable with this person, find another doctor.

Ok… Honest opinion… if you were a pdoc would you lock me up for some of the art I do?

This is excellent news @sasha - What I did was bring notes with me on my symptoms, what I was feeling and I also gave my new psychiatrist some notes on my psychiatric history - including a complete list of meds I took. If you want consider bringing someone you trust with you on the first visit. Maybe your fiancee? I am glad you took this leap - best of luck to you

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I’ve seen some pretty wild art, doubt if ppl get locked up over their art. and if you are there voluntarily, and not a danger to yourself or others, you should be fine,

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I have very strong self harm desires, no desire to commit suicide or anything like that but I have a few delusions that when they hit it is all I can do to keep from harming myself. My arms are covered in scars.

I don’t feel like I am a harm to myself, but judging by how K reacts I can see how others might.

Art is an outlet, if whatever you draw prevents you from a meltdown, I’d consider it very good for you.
The doctor will be concerned if you are unable to stop yourself from eminent harm. Even though you say your not suicidal, there is always the possibility your self harm could in some way prove fatal.
If your looking to stay out of the hospital, doctors get a little concerned if you feel you can’t prevent yourself from harm.


Duly noted. Don’t mention the self harm.

I’d mention it, but under the context that you have control over it through your art, or other things that help you.
If your wanting the docs to help you with self harm, they have to know the truth about it before you can benefit.
They are mostly interested in your ability to prevent yourself doing immediate harm.


really happy for you, i have shown my art to my clinical psychologist, she understood me more.
if you talk about suicide or self harming , alarm bells go off for them ,so you have to make sure they understand you are in control, and that you are not going to do anything stupid, and you have a support person etc…
take care

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congratulations !!! pour your heart out to the doctor…and just tell him how you are doing…you’ll be just fine


I would say bring a couple of pieces that mean the most to you, regardless of what they are. Keep in mind that the first visit will be a fair amount of paperwork and just getting some base information about you so s/he may not have time to go in depth into your drawings.

I’m so glad that you found one that could accommodate you.

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I am sick to my stomach about the thought of going to see her.