Found a cyst

In armpit. Er visit yay! I turn 37 tomorrow.


Oh no, good luck! :frowning:
And early Happy Birthday!


Thx . Thinking positive.


Oh no! I had a lump in my armpit about a month or so ago that had me worried. Got it checked out and they weren’t sure what it was but it ended up going away on its own, luckily. Must have just been a swollen lymph node or something. Fx yours is something similarly benign.

Happy birthday @roxanna

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Happy birthday for tomorrow :))

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Happy Birthday @roxanna

At least you’re not afraid to get it checked out. Send positive energy your way and @kindness cat Ginger will pray for you. :slight_smile:

2 Likes sitting on er in room n phone.i hope it’s still daylight when I leave.


Good luck @roxanna!
And Happy Birthday!

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As long as it’s not Hidradenitis. That’s what I have :frowning:

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