Found $10 yesterday

I wasn’t sure if I was cutting the line but the guy was gonna ring me up anyways. He said “how are you?” And I said “good, but was I in line?” He says “no actually the line starts over there, please go wait in the back”. And On the way to the back I find $10. And I used it toward Christmas shopping. I felt bad I looked around to see if anyone was looking for ten dollars. Would suck to lose a ten dollar bill in a crowded store. Finders keepers though ?


I would’ve put it towards charity. My conscience would’ve eaten me alive though it wasn’t stealing, but that’s just me.

Oh I would never think to do that.

I think it was OK for you to keep it. Maybe you was suppose to find it and use it?

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Yeah I used it for Xmas gifts for my mom, dad, sister, brother in law.

That’s what I was shopping for, and I did all my purchases yesterday.

It won’t eat me alive after all the times I’ve been robbed , taken advantage of, and just been a generous person in general with money.

I kinda needed $10 kinda lucky

So no no guilt

I found 20 dollars at a casino once. Its funny in those places, no one looks at the floor. I did the right thing and gave it back to the casino. By putting 20 on red at the roulette table. Turns out black had been coming up all night.

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Haha :rofl: sucks!! I don’t gamble anymore . Well that money may have originally been some random guys, was yours for a few minutes, but ultimately there was a good chance it was gonna end up in the houses hand by the end of the night anyways!

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I don’t get it, it wasn’t given to you. But to each his own.

Because this is positive karma…that’s how I think of it. Not that I’m some awful person and some force is gonna ■■■■ me in the ass for having enough money now to buy my parents Christmas presents after I was being Uber polite to other customers and obviously no one has any clue they lost ten dollars till it was too late.

Now I’m only -99990$ in money thiefed from me (exaggerating) vs money I’ve found in my life.

Maybe I AM a pretty terrible person for this Idk.

I never called you an terrible person. Relax, geez, I’m not trying to be anything other than a person on a forum responding to your question mark on your thread.

Lol I’m just joking sorry i woke up wrong side of bed. I still think it’s ok to keep $10 but I understand your position too.

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And why guilt yourself for not being able to buy presents. Gd it, I hate Xmas. It’s about people spending ■■■■ when they don’t have it and see mtf they don’t want to see. Geez, Why is everything about possessions, gifts and money. Edit not meaning you directly, but humanity in general

Because it’s hard having no money

I agree not everything should be about money

Everything is about money for my dad
All my life

Creates anxiety

About money

When u don’t have it

And I never have it these days

Score @Jonnybegood

Once I found a twenty in the convenient store parking lot

I put it in my daughter’s piggy bank.

I hope you found some nice gifts.

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Got my sister the I Ching, some nice books for my parents, some shirts for my brother in law. Still wanna get my mom some soap too. Maybe another small gift for my sis too and dad

I’m bowing out of this thread. Merry Xmas

@anon98519533 I wish I lived in a household where money wasn’t everything it gives me a ton of anxiety especially when my dad complains about some guy costing him $5 and then when I cost him way more than $5 he will pretend not to be mad at me but he will act angry to everybody else and it just makes me feel like ■■■■. In turn I am cautious about money and right now have little to last till January


let’s see what we get for a cost of living raise

I hope it’s about 30 bucks

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