Fostering a dog

I’m getting a new foster dog tomorrow, fostering to maybe adopt. Her name is Pebble but I’d change it.

She’s so precious


Awhhh! Too cute! What name do you think you’ll give her?


No idea. I’m wanting something pagan or nature inspired


I think Pebble is a cute name!

The cat we rescued we renamed though, we named her Chloe. Her original name was “Pumkey.” No idea where the owners came up with that name, but I imagine they weren’t great people because they abandoned her at age 1 and a half at a high-kill shelter and she was so anxious the first couple years she was with us. She lives with our grandparents now and just loves the place, hangs out in the garden during the daytime and chases squirrels and birds.


How exciting! I think Pebble is a cute name, but of course, it’s entirely up to you about what name you want for her. I hope it works out!

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