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This seems to indicate that SZ/A people like to chill.


Thanks - that helps me understand the forums and what people are interested in. It would also be interested if you did a graph of the “views” of posts in each category. Obviously - not so many posts in “news” but many people read it.

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You’re welcome, SzAdmin! :blush:

I will try to figure out this later if I can find the total views of each category.

Data Source:
(2-Mar-16 to 2-Apr-16)


wow that’s awesome…
@Plumber thanks…buddy…

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It is easy to create using Office Excel as long as I have the data (source)… I am glad that you like it! :blush:

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Allow me to sum up Plumber’s data…

@Minnii is the blabbermouth, and @Rhubot is the snoop!



He’s spilling all our secrets :octopus:

But it change over the months…

This is great, maybe you can expand your interest and program a keyword and sentence analyzer that would analyze all postings. I know that these apps exist. Already 20 years ago when I lived in the different life one older man who had worked for the US government gave me this type of the application. It was the IBM OS2 app. I suppose they have created much better applications now.