Forum Statistic Question

I was just curious…

Which single post from the past has garnered the most likes? And how many likes were given for that particular post?

everyone like this comment and we’ll break the record in pieces


Like the Wendy’s 'nugs for Carter" type of thing on twitter?

I’d also like to ask if there is a way to link to previous posts in a post. If not i’d like to recommend this feature be added.

There IS a quote feature…is that what you mean?

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Not a quote… more like a hyperlink to it… maybe that answers my question

Like this?..

Oops! Nevermind.

more like this i think: My Experience (Unique?)

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Under each post is a chain link. If you click it and copy link address, you can do this


@anon7022989 holds the record with 108 likes on a post of her incredible artwork.


Wow! I can see why! What talent!

Let it Raen!! :sunny:

hey guys check out this


You can click the Top button and then choose All Time.

Or click this:

It says the most active posts of all time are listed… I am not sure what it means by “active posts” (number of views? number of replies? or number of likes?)