Forum movie club?

I’d be interested, I have all sorts of amusing comments.

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That would be cool.

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I would like to join! But dunno if I have enough resources

I just seen Seaspiracy on Netflix and it’s really interesting I highly recommend it

Watching this right now.


That’s a fun seventies flick!

I’m planning on watching Paranormal Activity later tonight. :slight_smile:


I remember the song from the real early 60’s, Town Without Pity. It is a beautiful song.


I was thinking a poll too.

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I love this idea, I’d definitely join in. Pop corn at the ready! :popcorn:

Watching the first Six Million Dollar Man made for TV movie tonight. :smiley:

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Really good idea you could link it with Zoom and watch together during lockdown.

Watching Godzilla vs Kong now.


This is a fun feature of Plex. Using it already:

So,how many of you will start up a cool film club, what would be the first choice.
Mine would be Down by law.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I like the cut of your jib.

Was pretty ok.

We have hbo max. So we get to see some new releases. I did not really like Wonder Woman 1984.

The review sounds like half in the bag.

Se7en was good. The ending is unexpected, perhaps even shocking to some.

Not the kind of moralising story I’d expected. I think people with our condition should avoid dark genres whenever possible. But the temptation was too strong this time around :tired_face: