Forum looks creepy as no one writes ...common guys and girl write something

I have an always a habit of wrting unless thing in forum.i know most of u guys hate me …but share ur feeling…


nobody hates you @far_cry0.

I enjoy reading your posts.
I feel a bit like I have cabin fever. Cabin fever is an American expression that means I feel like I’m stuck in a little cabin out in the woods and I can’t go anywhere, I’m trapped. I’m watching my grandmother in her room, subbing for her caretaker today, and it’s difficult because I have to sit still for 8 hours. :confused:

Luckily, I have you guys on forum to keep me occupied! :smiley:


Nothing much really… I just discovered that NHS is piece of ****… Apparently Amisulpride increases level of prolactin (which I wasn’t informed of) and it may increase the breast risk cancer. I have been going to my primary care for the last year complaining about strange symptoms but everybody dismissed me treating as hypochondriac. After persistence they did my blood test and my prolactin level is significantly increased. It has never been checked before, and I am on it since 2009… I have no bloody clue why they earn so much if they don’t even know the basics… ehhhh…

What?? Who ever said they hated you :triumph: You seem like a cool guy and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you start fights or drama


I don’t think anybody hates you, @far_cry0. Probably just paranoia having its way with you. Don’t worry about it. As for me, I am just hanging out, listening to some chill music I discovered on Youtube and checking the forums.


no one hates you

I don’t hate you or anyone on this forum to be honest. Most of the people on here are nice.


No one hates you Mr. Cry. I know I can be a total smart Allec when responding to some of your threads but I think everyone here means well. I know you don’t know me but PM me if u like. I’m a culture vulture and Kathmandu sounds like an interesting place. You sound interesting! :pray:

I don’t hate you. I think you are a solid contributor. I hope you feel better soon.

I don’t hate you or anyone on the forum

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