Forum keeps me grounded

I think hearing other people’s stories keeps me grounded. You all have a good understanding of reality something I’ve lacked my whole life…insight to reality. I don’t think you give yourself credit enough. I’ve learned to be so much more grounded since coming here. My dad said in group therapy he had little hope for me at all a couple years ago…hurt to hear…but this forum and I also credit God and my faith has helped bring me more to normalcy. Peace​:fallen_leaf::mouse::mouse::ear_of_rice::ear_of_rice::mushroom::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit::rabbit::hamster:


Great to hear its helpful here. I think everyone benefits from positive social interactions - and I see a lot of them here.


It’s a good place to release negative energies in the form of words. I’d love to be able to just talk aloud to someone, but none of the people in my real-world vicinity have any way of sympathizing. It’s like, “Hello, I am in hell, do you have any clue what this is like…? NO, of course not!”

I can be as descriptive as possible, but they just offer blank stares and empty rhetoric in response. They have such simple minds & emotions; pure as an angel, as if they’ve never suffered having to climb such a mountain.


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Never lose hope my friend, light shall reveal itself one day, we only need to look forward.


I find this forum very therapeutic too. It’s great to be able to discuss things like we do here. I don’t think there is any way you can do that apart from this forum, unless you want to pay for group therapy.

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Thank you, turningthepage, for your mention of your faith in God. He is the Almighty Healer and He’s made it very clear to all of us that believe, we must CHOOSE to believe.
We often hear a common phrase “seeing is believing”. That is not true when it comes to the most important decision of our lives. The actual truth is, “believing is seeing”.
Take it from an old cowboy living a brand new life.

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