Forum helps me socially

Reading the forum is very therapeutic. You are very open and real. Thanks.


i find it good therapy too…btw the welcome to the forums!!

Yes. Welcome to the forum!

Welcome!!! It helps me to be here, too!

This forum is just for that.

This forum is definitely helpful for me. It has helped me identify and deal with symptoms, and it makes me feel supported and liked.


Thanks. How is your morning going.

Susan Richards

Thanks. Checking in before I go to work.

Susan Richards

glad. I don’t feel it’s open and honest enough,

even though my outlandish is called upon,

others, not so much.

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What I mean is it helps me to have a chance to be open and honest with myself.


Hi welcome to the forum. You will find this a warm and welcoming corner of the world. :slight_smile:


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