Forum Emoji! (I can see this being taken to extremes. LOL)

Here are the emoji (smiliey) that you can include in your posts. Just add a : in front then start typing the name of the smiliey and another at the end. Your smiliey will show up in your post. :smiley:

:cat: :crocodile: :exclamation: :ghost: :scream_cat: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have fun!



Yep - cool.

I am on a kindle. It isn’t working for me.

I can’t see the preview window either. Oh well.

What kindle are you on. It seems that some kindles are equiped with older web browsers. You can see from this discussion that people have had success upgrading to the newer firefox web browser.

I think it was because you didn’t have a second colon after the :ghost.

:ghost vs :ghost:

Also, for the emoji to show in the preview you need to have a space or return after the emoji.

I’m on the kindle fire hd.

You have told me this before. I haven’t downloaded it yet. Sorry about not downloading and then complaining. LOL

I looked for the Firefox browser in the apps in the Amazon store and gave up. I realize now that I should download it from Firefox itself. I can’t remember if I tried it that way or not. I do know that some things hate the kindle.

:ghost: …

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There ya go! :slight_smile: :+1:

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I think I found the perfect emoji to end my posts. It fits me perfectly. hehe