Forms- dislike

I dislike forms but most things nowadays require form filling. My mind goes blank and i struggle to know what to put down . If i do a form with a third party and they ask questions to elicit an answer it is less difficult. Mentally i need prompts.

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Form’s are horrid. I need help and prompts too. Plus everyone expects them to filled out quickly. I blank on some of the simplest stuff when I’m filling out a form. I’ve forgotten my current address and put down my last one. I’ve forgotten my current phone number and a host of other things.

Some of the request of information is written oddly and doesn’t make sense. Or they want me to remember what I was doing 5 years ago in June on a Tuesday. There is no way I can remember that.

I hate forms too. What I really hate is when I have to fill out a form, and then they correct me saying, “Well, that’s not what we have in the computer”

If you have all the info in the computer, why do I have to fill out this form every time?

I had to fill out a form today, didn’t know where to begin

Away with forms! They cause such anxiety!

form’s SUCK!!! then SUCK SOME MORE

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Well if you think about it : I don’t think ANYONE likes filling out forms.


Unbelievably my wife likes to fill out survey forms and warranty forms. But like most people she hates to fill out forms asking for all the medicines and dosages she takes.

It’s when things are dependent on filling out the form just right that i become ultra anxious. If i can find a website that gives examples to work from that helps. I don’t mind doing surveys that aren’t going to affect me directly as there is no pressure with them.

I think sometimes they put down the wrong info on the computer anyway. Yesterday a social worker was going over an assessment he had had typed up based on asking me questions 10 days before and additional info he could find in the records.

Firstly it said i had last been hospitalised in 1993-should have been 1983 and then it said i had only been receiving help from mental health services since 2002- i first came under my current mental health provider in 1975 and saw a pdoc from another area from 1973-75!

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In the process of applying for self directed support which i agreed to do with prompting of the rehab team the idea being firstly to get help with cleaning my flat and then possibly other things when they eventually pull out.
Had to do recovery star and asked a few other questions which the social worker typed up. That was fine as he was eliciting answers out of me .
However now he has left me a personal budget support plan to fill in and i don’t how or what to write. My mind is just blank re answering the various questions. I feel so stupid and frustrated.
Questions like ’ What do i want to change or achieve over the next year?’ are hard when you have difficulty thinking of goals and you find it hard to imagine the future being any different.

What makes it worse is although social worker says i am not asking for much according to the info i can find online being accepted for the SDS is very much dependent on how you fill in the personal support plan.
Forms where it’s more about filling in things just right rather than your actual needs/difficulties tend to throw me and make me feel anxious and intimidated.

Feel like pulling out as if i can’t do this form then i won’t be accepted anyway.

Questions they ask apart from the one mentioned are

'What is important to me? ’

’ How will you be supported so that you stay healthy,safe and well’?

‘How will you use your personal budget to address the areas of your life you are not satisfied with ?’ Which is divided into 10 different sections based on the recovery star- ’ What outcome do you wish to achieve?’

’ How will you spend your personal budget?’

'How will your support be managed? Who is going to help you manage your personal budget?

‘What are you going to do to make this support plan happen?’

‘’ How will you stay in control of your life?’

All i know is that having help with cleaning my flat is about helping to take away some of the anxiety and hopefully get help so i can manage in time to organise and plan such a task myself .

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