Former outpatient center dropped me like a bad habit

I’m not sure what happened. I may have missed one appointment here or there but my attendance has otherwise been good. The people haven’t called me in a month. So now I’m going to be on a waiting list for about three to six months for a new place.

I call there today and they say they haven’t had doctors prescribing medications for years, when they only prescribed my dosage three months ago. ■■■■ my life. Well I guess I’d better not get a psychotic break between now and then!

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Did you get a letter from them?

Regardless, I’m sorry.

Just get on the waiting list, its all you can do,

If you have a problem between now and when you get a new doctor,

Go to the ER or A&E, whatever, you know what I’m talking about…



That’s terrible. I’m sorry. You can go to the ER to get your meds until you find a new doctor, or get back to see your old one.

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Thanks for the information. It’s a bit frustrating to think I’m going through the whole introductions phase with a different set of people. Every time I go through this the novel gets longer, I should write a little biography so I have something ready for them to go on. I have trouble speaking off the cuff about things that’ve just become ‘normal’ for me.

Something similar happened to me, my therapist started cancelling on me for no good reason so I hadn’t been to an appt in weeks because of this. When the psychiatrist there found out said she didn’t want to prescribe me anything if I wasn’t being monitored regularly and that I lived “too far away” anyways (which hadn’t been in a problem in the few months I’d already been going there before) and then kicked me out. I was never contacted by the therapist again either. Some places are just terrible.