Former Dodgers Outfielder Andrew Toles' Family Speaks Out About His Struggle with Schizophrenia


I read about this. It’s so sad.

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Just imagine being in that predicament, you’re a professional athlete and it can even happen to you when you’re in the best shape of your life. It happened to me a vet and it seems that it literally can happen to anyone at any age. I don’t really believe that smoking weed or alcohol drinking causes mental illness I think it’s just another form of medical experimentation on the public with electronic warfare tactics. this normally happens when the mafia and mob get involved with people’s lives. Let’s just get one thing straight, there is no difference between a mobster or a cia agent…none. And if this baseball player refused to be extorted or refused to say, throw a game, or any of that-this could be something that could have been avoided all together. I take enough meds to tranquilize a horse and still I suffer and hallucinate all day every single day.

Something tells me this is more experimentation on the public like mk utra of old. Except now they can torture you without even being near you. Pretty messed up perverted people if you ask me.

Let’s not turn this into an ‘unusual beliefs’ thread.

It’s good to see successful people with schizoprhenia. Sad that he suffers and got it though. Even ‘famous’ people get it.

That’s a really sad article. I’m thankful for all the recovery I’ve gotten.