Forgotten memories

My mom just told me about how one time I was calling her a ■■■■■ so she slapped me… I don’t remember AT ALL, so weird. And she said I bad mouthed her all the time… don’t remember that either… huh. So strange. The mind.
Anybody else have memories they don’t remember but someone told you about?

I wanna go back.
I want to hang ornaments on the tree with snow on the ground outside.
I wanna catch lighting bugs in the summer.
I can barely remember —
Life used to be so sweet, now it’s just ultimate disappointments…


Yes when psychotic I insulted my mother and called her a snake because she put meds in my food and drinks.

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Well this for me was back in high school apparently… (before I was psychotic) @Aziz

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Kids can do that. Maybe I did it too but can’t remember.

My mom told me I screamed in the elevator when I was two and i don’t recall this. I was young though. But my first memory came from this time too (falling into the pool and nearly drowning) so I remembered one and forgot the other.

I still don’t like elevators or going underwater.

Sometimes, much more recently, I’d laugh or say something to my husband and five minutes later he said I laughed or said something and I’d totally not recall doing that!


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