Forgot my heart was there

I’ve got to remember to listen to my “heart” for my heart is where my self resides. My first experience with symptoms of psychosis was at 23, nearly 24, and what happened first was I lost touch with myself and things went from there.

I know as long as I keep in touch with my inner self that I will not lose my grasp on everything else. I’m in a really good place right now. I’m a valuable asset to a number of people as an advocate for and source of knowledge of the clubhouse model…and in our second week things are getting going.

I will not however at this point be there as a member. Neither do I wish to be the face or any kind of spokesman of this organization in the community where I grew up. What I’m comfortable with right now is lending my support and expertise as a sort of volunteer, friend of the clubhouse, member ambassador whatever, who stops in now and then to help.

Where I go from here indeed is yet to be seen.