Forgot how long its been

I don’t know if this is day 6 or 7. I think it’s a good thing. Means I’ll probably quit keeping track of the days and just go on living my life.


:+1: and you’re drinking coffee and alcohol and not smoking! good job!

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Yeah. Was dealing with some intense cravings. That’s when I realized I quit keeping track of the days. That’s all passed now.

I thought a hang over wouldn’t be as bad without the cigs. Not true.

Can’t wait for the next couple months to pass.

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Have you found yourself eating more. I am HEAVY and I worry if I quit I will put on even more weight.

Not really. Perhaps a bit. I was worried about that as well.

I really should quit smoking


You’ll feel better after a while… I think… Still waiting on that.

It’s worth it though I’m sure.

I’m scared about the stress about quitting just now, I’m a bit paranoid, starting school and drivers license all at the same time might not have the best response to it. Last time I got really stressed

If you want it to be easier. Just try and take your mind of smoking as much as you can, even if your still smoking occasionally. It’s that frame of mind that will get you through the first few days. From there smoking seems a little more pointless and dealing with cravings/ideation is a lot easier to shrug off.

It wasn’t stressful for me this time, but it had been stressful in the past.

Keep trying and eventually you’ll figure out how to quit.

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I’d be careful about the alcohol while you’re trying to quit cigarettes. Some people say alcohol triggers urges in them.

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keep going :slight_smile: You’ll get there…

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Yeah, thanks, you’re right, I’ll do that! I’m smoking less and less everyday, it’s starting to cause me nausea in the end of a cigarette

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I shall not falter on this

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