I think forgiveness is stupid.

You hurt someone you should pay for it.

And likewise if you help someone you should be helped.

What is this forgiveness bullblank?

Forgiveness is like giving your things away for nothing, or working for nothing.

This of course is only the human definition of forgiveness, it just doesn’t make sense.

Sure you could never pay forever, and perhaps eternally condemning is wrong. But you gotta pay you know. That definition of forgiveness is the dumbest bullblank i’ve ever heard.

Accountability is a beautiful thing. Brings it back to zero. It all has to be accounted for.


forgiveness forms peace


No it doesn’t.

Accountability does.

The only definition of forgiveness that makes sense is the lack of all of this eternal bullblank. Eternal punishment, destroy it forever, forever forever forever.

But accountability at all times for everyone will bring peace.

gotta bring it back to zero. And then perhaps we’ll have peace.


forgiveness is power


No it isn’t.

Forgiveness is the lack of all of this eternal bullblank only.

But there must be accountability.

Some guy smacking you up and then you doing nothing is not power.


According to some, forgiveness is for the forgiver’s sake, not the offender’s. Carrying a grudge can be debilitating. Maybe forgetting is a better word for it. If you harbor a grudge that person is just taking up space inside your head and not paying rent. However, in order to be forgiven or forgotten the offender must first stop committing the offense.


What if through forgiving, compassion and love we are able to realize more fully who we truly are, beyond the mental and emotional mask of our egos? Could we become more at peace with ourselves and those closest to us? Perhaps our adversaries truly serve as our teachers and guides to bring us back home to our hearts and our deepest connection with others.

Self-forgiveness is not an act of contrition or penance. It is a profound and radical approach to letting go of tensions and problems and preoccupations. When you hold a judgment against someone else, you are holding it inside your own body … It’s much easier to let go and forgive yourself.


Yes, no one should have to carry a grudge.

There must be accountability.

People want to take but they don’t want to give.

Accountability removes the grudge. Pay up.



All must be accounted for.

I think you can have both, forgiveness and accountability. They are both essential to build something worth while.


I thought that this song by Amy Macdonald is quite suitable here:


It’s over.


your talking about an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,

i think forgiveness can mend bridges


People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones



You do the same you can’t judge.

But what if you didn’t and were already judged?

Could you throw stones then?

I don’t live in a glass house anymore to be honest.


People don’t understand what it is though.

It’s simply the lack of condemning eternally, destroying eternally, or eternal punishment.

Accountability is a must. Accounting brings it back to zero where it should be for a new beginning.

Forgiveness never had anything to do with just forgetting harm done. I would be such a jackblank to smack someone and then tell them to forget about it.


It’s much easier to forgive, learn, and move on. We can’t hold all people accountable for their actions, that’s Gods job. If you could practice holding people accountable you’d be a God or something, but we can all practice forgiveness.


I think I forgive because I just don’t have the energy or the memory to hold all the grudges.

I have to let go of the weight so I can stay afloat.


Anger doesn’t hurt the person I’m mad at. It DOES hurt me. Why hand a second victory to some douche? So I do what is necessary to get their hooks out of me. Sometimes that means forgiveness.