Forgive and stay with

instead of forgive and forget.

Sometimes you have no choice.

Oh, true. There is abandonment.

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There are the immature, the insecure, why should I have to endure? I guess it’s a matter of advance and retreat to avoid getting hurt. We szs aren’t that great in that game. Anybody could always improve, though.

I say forgive and forget. If I don’t forget I’ll never forgive. I’ve never had trouble with people wronging me in multiples.

Do you stay with the people you forget?

I’ve only known family to wrong me repeatedly and that was frustrating and I ended up not forgiving and just repressing.

Yes. Family pain is the worst.

Forgive and remember/take note of?

I mean so you can talk to that person about it and still communicate. Remain in a relationship.

And then there’s forgiving ourselves, with whom we are stuck with.

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