Forgetting meds

Hi. It’s a bit of a luxury problem. But I tend to forget meds.

I’m chaotic and have memory issues. I forget. I even forget whether I forgot. I have no clue whether I took meds yesterday. After a while with no meds I notice a difference, but not always right away. It’s good that I sometimes forget that I’m ill and medicated, in a way. But in another way, it’s not. Don’t want to accidently quit meds or use them inconsistently. I also tend to forget to buy new haldol.

How do you guys remember? Do you use any tricks, rituals, alarms?

  • I thought of buying one of those pill alarms or pill boxes with alarm (even though I’m on liquid haldol). I don’t want to set it on my work phone, I want something separate for it.
  • I also thought of switching to depot. That also saves me from the constant temptation to think “hm… one drop less a day shouldn’t really matter…”. If I’m right, I need a depot dose somewhere between 7 and 10mg a month. Do they even do that? How does this work? I’ve been on a higher dose depot before and noticed I was more medicated in the beginning than the end of the depot. It was wearing off during the month. Perhaps a stupid question, but with lower doses, doesn’t this mean I’m practically unmedicated the last week or so? That would be tricky. I’m scared anyway to change to depot and relapse.



I use one of those pill boxes that is divided into the seven days of the week, AM and PM for each day. I take my meds at the same time, with breakfast and later after dinner each day. I still forget sometimes but since i can look at the pill box and see the individual days i don’t usually go more than one day forgetting. This works for me.


I set multiple alarms on my phone to remind me.
I also mark it down on my phone after I’ve taken my meds.
I also use a pill box.


Hm…thanks… perhaps before a depot, I should try the pillbox AND the work phone (my own phone is superold and useless). I like the idea of being able to see whether I have taken the medication. I secretly even wonder whether I’m doing double doses some days and none at all other days, which might sound real stupid. :flushed:

Does anybody know about the “stability” of the release of a depot during the month? With low doses, is there still haldol in your blood during the last week?

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LOL, Luxury problem!

What med is it? packaging?

When i took saphris the pills were all in… idk what its called… individual tablet things. Anyway, I wrote the date on each one so i’d know if i took it or not.

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Pilll boxes as well
As putting an alarm on your phone helps alot

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Haldol, liquid/drops. So it would be a bit odd, but I think I’m just going to put the bottle next to a pillbox with an alarm. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And then the phone too.


Hm… I found the answer to my own question about the stability of release of depot:

“Administration of haloperidol decanoate as a depot IM injection results in a slow and sustained release of haloperidol. The plasma concentrations rise gradually, usually peaking within the first week after injection and falling thereafter with an apparent half-life of about 3 weeks. Steady state plasma levels were reached in 3-6 months in chronic psychotic patients receiving monthly injections.”

Does that mean that first months are tricky, because 3 weeks after the depot only half of the dose is left in your blood? But after a few months, there is steady release throughout the month? I’m not a native speaker.

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Uhoh. I forgot to get new meds, my drops are finished (it’s always a bit of a surprise when the bottle is empty) and it’s weekend. :frowning: I just hate how chaotic I can be.

I use a pill box. I just know that I take pills first thing when I wake up in the morning with breakfast. Again at around 5 pm with dinner. And again around 9 or 930 pm after practicing my daily piano. I just know my daily schedule. It helps to have a daily routine.

I look forward to taking them so much that I never forget. My problem is taking them and then an hour later wondering whether or not I’d taken my meds yet. Happens rarely but it does happen.

my meds are on auto refill now

I used to have this problem with being out

they call me and tell me to come in

I have to tell Phil every night, I got all my meds in

it makes it official for both of us.

My pills are put in a packet of the daily divided into times when to take them. I get it through the pharmacy from the head office of all the clinics. I usually pick them up Mondays

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