Foreskin restoration

has anyone tried the tape foreskin restoration method and had good results? how long does it take? stretching the skin and taping it to hold it to grow.

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Are you referring to restoring a dissatisfied condition after circumcision? If so, you need to see a urologist so to verify what the penis looks like now and what makes you less satisfied; then, a reasonable solution can be designed hopefully to meet your expectation.

First, one always has to consider if you need it after circumcision after balancing medical necessity and professional possibilities. Risks may be frustration with deep mental and severe physical suffering with imperfect success at most.

Remember, the purpose of circumcision is to remove the foreskin. Foreskin can be restored by major surgery. This involves making a circumferential incision around the penis at mid-shaft, freeing the skin distal to incision and pulling it over the glans (head) and then harvesting a split skin graft from arm or thigh and placing it over raw are on the penis fromend of freed skin to mid-shaft.

The doctor can not make new tissue to restore the cut foreskin. All that they can do is exercising plastic surgical techniques to use the existing tissues for transformation, but not always feasible with expected outcome as wished. So, be counseled for balancing medical necessity and professional competence.

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seems to work better and faster by using hands to pull skin away and apart for half an hour. you can grow more nerve endings. cells are microscopic you can’t get rid of them that easily like a bacteria.

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Removal of foreskin is mainly for hygiene I heard.

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foreskin restoration is done by repeatedly pulling skin away and apart using both hands right below the head from all sides to stretch and contract the skin and grow more nerve endings for a minimum of one hour daily for three days. eat plenty of food when doing this to heal. this creates more feeling.