Forensic assessment? (HCR 20) (UK)

I was in Rainsbrook secure children’s h 2001. This was a locked unit.

If I had of been older then 14 I would have been sent to YOI Onley. But thankfully I was only 14. I got a 8 month detention training order.

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I never got sent to a forensic, instead I got stuck on a PICU for 3 months as there were no beds available on acutes in my local region.

I’ve been calm for months now. I think I’ll be home this week.

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I think I was a few days into admission and I was hallucinating. I was still in psychosis with no sleep.

I’m not violent by nature.

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Yeah no violence since admission.

I was meant to go home yesterday, but somebody forgot to do the violence risk assessment back in March.

My community pdoc was saying a CTO might not be useful as I refused meds in the past, and recalling someone to hospital can prove difficult.

I hope I get a normal discharge after my assessment.

I know I will get a score as low risk.

I also got punched in the face twice by two different people on the last PICU, and I didn’t retaliate. I feel like I should have in self defence, but I guess I really am not violent at all.

I hope it works out for you

Let us know when you’re free!

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Thanks man!