Forced to hurt people indirectly

Is anyone here worried about that?

In what context. Sometimes people want me to lie for them or. Omit information. And that could indirectly cause harm. Its hard to learn how to navigate those situations.

Where I’m somewhere and because of who I am and how I look people get killed because of me.

Legally speaking, if you’re not killing people on purpose, or through gross negligence, then you’re neither responsible nor liable.

I don’t think ‘who you are’ or ‘the way you look’ would qualify. Seems to me that you are probably innocent of any intentional wrongdoing.

In the specific scenario I’m the dictator and because it’s written down that where the dictator is present executions take place because of him would I then be guilty of sin?

I think the only time I’ve done something like this is passing gas in an elevator just before getting out and another group enters the car. Making it worse, I had launched a SBD.



Yes. I probably hurt people indirectly because certain people are always putting me in unusual circumstances.

A few people what me to lie about them. I’m trying to be rid of them IRL.

Let me just clarify I was talking about information and things said or not said. I was not talking about violence

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