For you, do antipsychotics take the color out of life?

When my abilify is running out 3 hours before the next dose my emotions are normal for a short period. During this time I can actually enjoy things and feel emotions. I read somewhere that antipsychotics take the color out of life.


Life in general has taken the color out of my life.
The general aching of “I don’t wanna” turned my greys into black.

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I take my abilify at noon. If I get up before noon the hours leading up till noon aren’t pleasant at all. So I seem to have the opposite effect.

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No, but life becomes more enjoyable when I’ve successfully reduced my meds. Without them, though… Not good.

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Yes but so has the illness. Vraylar brings some color back.

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Maybe. I guess life was significantly more boring without psychosis. Also they ruined my attention span so I couldn’t focus on anything or really do anything anyways.

Yea buddy they do. I know because my dose just got reduced and I feel raw and sensitive to the world again.
Antipsychotics are poison. But until they make better ones we’re stuck with these


I wonder if Iti-007 and non D2 blockers might be better for this,

Yes they do. When I quit meds the world is a more happy, vibrant, loving, spiritual place - until I collapse in complete terror that is. I’m taking 2,5mg of haldol only once every two days now (I and the pdoc think I’m a very slow metabolizer) and the non-meds-day is always much better than the meds-day. Yesterday I tried to do another day without meds and I got scared again, so longer inbetween isn’t working.

Antipsychotic, antidepressant and antianxiety just control the symptoms, it never heal them.

All the typical ap’s make life just plain dismal for me. Life it totally without joy when I’m on those drugs. Zyprexa makes me mildly depressed. It’s a pretty bland world. Geodon and Seroquel don’t do that, though. They control my symptoms, and they don’t make me miserable. They do weaken me physically, but that is a price I’m willing to pay to not have to take typical ap’s. Emotionally, I’m just fine on Geodon and Seroquel.

Prolixin really made life seem unreal and dull and just a terrible feeling. But abilify, well it takes some of the color away from psychosis but to a healthy level!!!

Geodon did for me.Dr. just put me on low dose Thorazine,and so far no side affects.There is a DNA test you can get through genequest.If your Dr.can order it for you.It shows what meds are compatible with you and which ones to avoid.Hope this helps:)Sending you hugs:)

yeah they do… but it’s safer this way…

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Everything is darker on risperidone. The contrast in my vision is dim from risperidone. I miss the bright normal days.

For the past two and half months I’ve not taken anti psychotics. I do get delusions but I have more freedom of choice.

First thing is I finished 500 grams of Acetyle L Carnitine in one month and never felt better and after that,

I am currently using Choline bitrate + Uridine mono… + Fish oil ( all three synergistic ) and must say I feel like delusions can be avoided if I don’t continue them like I gained freedom of choice and am actually engage myself in something else and delusions end then and there itself.

Yesterday night I took overdose and couldn’t sleep all night and vomited 5 times all over the place and brain activity was hell.

Must say I can still use small dose of Abilify but my bottle of L-Phenyl Alanine is not finineshed and

Anti psychotics and :-Phenyl Alanine have drug interactions.

I must say

  1. Choline bitrate + Uridine + fish oil


  1. Acetyl L Carnitine

have reduced the need and also the dependance of anti psychotics.

I must say I still need anti psychotics but most of the times ( two and half months )

I am not even taking anti psychotics.

Once my bottle of L-phenyl alanine is finished I will start taking Abilify small and effective dose

because 10 mg Abilify is far more than enough.

I must say

  1. Sarcosine + 2. L-theanine are very good


  1. Choline bitrate+Uridine+fishoil synergy and awesome 2. THE AWESOME ACETYLE L Carnitine

changed my life head on.

I can understand how damaged my brain is and why only a little brain upgrade is observed

where as a healthy human would have major brain upgrade with these super instant

brain upgrade supplements.

Yes, a small 10 mg Abilify will be like " I might end up saying… I don’t have Sz "

Definitely 10 mg abilify everyday after 10 or 12 days depending upon L-phenyl alanine capsules remaining count would free me from little bit of delusional problems.

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When I miss a dose, or right when I wake up, I find I’m super emotional. Like, any little sad cat video makes me bawl my eyes out. I’m also on abilify.

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I think it’s too easy to blame the meds. To be honest they come with the illness, so it’s either one or the other. You just have to try and make the best of things when you get stable periods.