For those working full time:

Ain’t Wednesdays a b…

Just hit my midweek and I came home falling apart in so many ways… only got 5 hours of sleep before waking to a nightmare and it was storming… environmentally subject to a low on top of the stress.

It did pass quickly, but damn… working full time blows… That’s definitely patterned into my week.

You gotta get into a numbness of optimism and routine. If that makes sense. Always be looking forward to something far off.


Yeah that’s good message.

When I’m having the hardest time I realize I’m really stuck in the moment.

I’m also a few weeks off from actually having money left over to show from this.

I do enjoy the job. It’s challenging in a lot of ways, but I’m rising above it and getting a lot of respect for it. It’s a good thing for a sz who has socialization and distrust issues… just work the hardest and know you get the job security and respect that comes with it.

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