For those who work. which do you prefer?

so am thinking about going back to work full time again. I was just wondering for all who work, which do you prefer, a day or two off during the weekday or the weekend? I was thinking I would request a day or two off during the week, and work the weekends, so I could schedule my depot, and pdoc appts. during my days off without missing work.

I’m not currently working, but if I get that job I’m interviewing for, I’ll only have to work Mon. and Weds. I think having a couple of days off during the week is ideal when you are like us and need regular doctor appointments. Also, it’s great for running errands during the day! My hubby has days off during the week and every other weekend. It’s a nice schedule because he can take me to my appointments when I can’t go out alone.

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I’ve often preferred working on weekends and having a couple of weekdays off. My reasoning is that most people have weekends off so stores, restaurants or other things are busier and I don’t like the crowds… I like weekdays off because most people are at work or at school and it just makes getting around easier. Plus, I have so much business to take care of like errands and phone calls and lots of the places I need to deal with aren’t open on weekends. DMV, insurance company, Social Security, etc.

Right now I only work Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays. The beauty of it is that I never work two days in a row. No matter how tired work makes me or how bad the day went, I always have a full day in-between to rest up and recover.


I work Monday through Friday. I prefer that. Weekends are for football and that’s when most other people are off.

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It depends on your social schedule. When I lived in Philly, most of my friends had off weekends, so I felt lonely with my schedule, where I had off Sunday-Tuesday. But here, many of my friends work rotating shifts, so I enjoyed having off Wednesday-Thursday.

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I work part time but I prefer having days off during the week so I can make appointments easier

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I prefer having a weekday or two off since I need some free time to coincide with when my doctors are in.

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All days off and then two days off from being off in the weekend.


Week ends are when most are off- to visit. Good reasons for week days off too.

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