For those who have worked, what types of jobs have you held?

When i studied i had small jobs. After i have been a climbing instructor, an employee in a book shop, a management assistent, a project manager in a hospital and after becoming ill a coordinator of peer support.

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My mom thinks I should be a peer support specialist. Or do something for NAMI. Not so sure.

I’ve had a lot of jobs.

McDonald’s as a teen
KFC as a teen
Farm manager
Sprint PCS sales
Magazines sales
UPS tracking agent
Certified Nurse Aide
Freelance article writer
Freelance book ghostwriter
Fiction author
Librarian (current)


That is nice…i think it is a nice job. I feel i wasnt ready for it yet, but it is an interesting field. Would you yourself like it as well? Why not sure?

I want to do something completely different…maybe with nature. I loved my volunteer work the most until now…i did a creative afternoon with refugee children. They were great.

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Answering Service
Medical records clerk
Mail room clerk for various places
Materials handler for various places, electronics
Mortgage banking
Supervisor of loan sales
Loan Processor
Doc drawer
Casino cage cashier
Office assistant many locations
Eligibility Specialist for the county

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Working in a casino sounds cool and fun.

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I haven’t worked or done ■■■■ for 9 years while on meds. If my parents were gone, I’d get off meds and risk it. What do I have to lose? Extreme stress and paranoia? Build immunity, resilience, and survival. Can’t do ■■■■ like this. Its work or be homeless and I couldn’t survive being homeless.

Me too when my parents die, I will go off meds and die in the streets.

That was my last job, post diagnoses. It was the lowest stress job I could find. I was fun. But when I had symptoms I couldn’t do it. I had to take time off and it wasn’t fair to the employer. Pretty soon I went out on disability for good but if I ever move back there I still have my job to go back to if I want it they said. So that’s cool. Of course they’re probably shut down right now, but they will open soon, back home doesn’t even have one case of the virus. Anyway, yes, it’s fun.

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I’ve only ever done two things for work: seasonal job at a toy store which was really fun, and disaster relief. Oddly enough those two jobs were after I started seeing black shadows everywhere. For a time being schizophrenia gave me a spiritual boost which made me super productive. It was before meds and life seemed full of mystery and awe. I’d really like to go to work someday, just worried about not doing a good job because of schiz and inexperience. I’m less good at focusing these days, but think I could do it if I really tried.

That or I’ll move to Wyoming or some ■■■■ where it’s super cheap. Can’t afford to live off of $900 a month for rent, food, and necessities. Maybe I can learn to be more resilient and learn survival and social skills lol. I’ll get some money, but I need to make it last 30+ years. My dad thinks I’ll spend all his money on energy drinks or gamble it in the stock market.

how much does ur schizophrenia interfere with your teaching position? do you get disability benefits?

Don’t play with the stock market, I made 80 000$ in bitcoins and then lost it all. Gambling is worse than SZ, it can lead more to suicide and prison or being homeless.

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Ya, ill never play or invest again.

He’s also worried ill be swindled or taken advantage of.

I am only taking my pills and not committing suicide to pleasure my parents. When they die Ill end all this suffering.

Don’t say that! You can make it and succeed.

My negatives are severe as well as cognitive decline. I went from 130 to 110 iq, allegedly.

I’ve always had bad luck in life. Even the easiest thing such as making money with bitcoins, I lost 80 000$.

executive assistant - in other words secretary
layout assistant and layout editor - college newspaper
cutco salesperson

My dream job would be me sitting in an air conditioned room working by myself.

I had bad luck too. Stay away from bitcoin. Its too risky.

My best memory was working at a library until I was targeted and got paranoid. I think it was on purpose. To ruin my life and so I cannot succeed.

I don’t want to move to a backwards state or live in NY or CA. Too expensive. And those backwards states bully the mentally ill. Florida might be a compromise.