For those that smoke pipe tobacco

Calling @ThePickinSkunk and any other pipe tobacco enthusiasts…
What are your favorite types of blends. Specific blends. Cellaring?
How often do you smoke?
Do you rotate your pipes or dedicate any of them to specific blends?
Favorite brands/models of pipes for smoking. Or just collecting unsmoked?

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Hey buddy. I am a total novice at pipe smoking. I only have a single falcon system. I clean it after every use and do an alcohol clean once a day.

I just use pipe tobacco I buy from the corner store. Is called Condor.

Tbh I am nervous because I am such a noob and know very little about decent pipes and decent tobacco. Is strikes me as a steep learning curve

I love to smoke the pipe though. I smoke roll ups most of the time but would like one pipe a day in the evening when it cools off.

I remember your photo you posted of your pipe collection. V v cool man!

Apologies if I didn’t really add anything to your pipe knowledge with my post. Like you say @ThePickinSkunk is the fella to talk too!

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I would recommend to stop smoking. So many people have died to lung cancer. I had one teacher over 30 years ago in America and he smoked pipe tobacco. He was well educated with the PhD in economics ad was a dean of one business school. He got lung cancer and died. One of more famous smokers was Rush Limbaugh who was a radio show host and he died to lung cancer in this year.

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I have about 8 pipes on a carousel pipe rack in a rotation. Most are Rossi brand with a few Missouri Meerschaum cobs thrown in the mix.

I smoke a variety of tinned tobacco. I love anything with Latakia and Perique.

Lots of different brands in my cellar. Most from


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