For those that hear voices

If you have ever moved or drove across state, did your voices go away or did they stay with you?

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Voices will follow you everywhere as they’re in your brain and not in the environment. You need proper meds to stop them.


That won’t fix it. Voices are there because of how your brain functions and aren’t tied to any one place.

I hear just as many voices in Oakland, California as I did in Springfield, Virginia. Same exact voices too.

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When I first started hearing voices they said they were tied to California. So I drove with my wife across state lines to Yuma. The voices laughed and said they were fuking with me. I live in Illinois now and they are still the same.


Thank you that was informational

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They stayed with me when I moved. Besides duane they other can go the f away.

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The spirits live in my head so I carry them wherever I go. They keep me company. I love Sarah but Alien’s a real pest.


Whenever I go on holiday the voices go along. I’ve heard voices on 3 continents. Else it would be easy to get rid off them. It doesn’t work that way.

They stayed. I’ve moved 7 times and never once did the go away. One of those moves was from one coast to the other so it was literally across the country. Each time, I still had voices. They don’t go away if you move.

I get the voices only when psychotic. So as long as I maintain my sanity, I am OK.

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