For those of you who know

I am temporarily done with PT after 50 sessions. Shoulder is definitely better. Our family had a good Christmas. We have one last Christmas at the in laws house tomorrow. I hope you all are surviving. Let me know how you are all doing, my friends. :two_hearts:


Good - had a great time yesterday with the kiddos.
Bad - have to stop clozapine maybe for good.

Oh gosh. That can’t be good.

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Hey you Noodler! lol.

My Christmas went really well. I got a little anxiety towards the end of my visit. But I was fine once I got home and decompressed for a little while.

I got some awesome tshirts too. But I was mostly happy to be around all my sisters and mom.


My dad is in the hospital and my sister got a little bit too drunk Chritmas afternoon, but all in all it went okay.


I hope your father will be okay, @eighteyedspy23.

Take care, and please have a safe New Year.

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He should be back home soon.
Thanks @Montezuma.

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I spent a wonderful Christmas with my “best friend”. We had a superb Christmas dinner that we made together and then spent the evening watching Joyce Meyer videos on My friend likes her.

Today, my friend tells me that she needs her “space”, so now, she isn’t answering my phone calls or texts. She does this every now and then. I don’t know why. She says she needs to “get her head together”. Women don’t make any sense to me, try as I might to understand them.


50 sessions? That’s a lot. I’m glad they worked and your shoulder feels better. It’s good you had a nice Christmas part one. I hope you enjoy part two tomorrow. I survived Christmas pretty good. It was stressful but so wonderful to see everyone. And I got to meet my new baby grandson. Take care.


He should be home now or on his way. He’s got an oxygen tank now tho.

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