For those of you who binge eat trigger warning binge eating

You need to listen to your body on a day to day basis, even every couple hours to know what you “can” do at any given time

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Yea it’s true. But giving myself one month off as a preliminary plan, reduces pressure on me which I’m very sensitive to. And then as u say, within that 1 month, I can go by the day to day basis and flexible with that plan if need be.

How’s gym going for u??

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Just started again one week ago. After binge eating daily and playing videogames non stop for 1 month lmao.

I think I gained like 2-3 kilos in that period.

How was your month of dieting and gym? I’m kinda OOTL.

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Oh you gained 2 to 3 kg only in dat month? That’s not too bad!!

OK so for me I started on 30 may and been gym ing and eating moderately.

But today’s not been a good day.



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Yeah, restricting myself to 2 (big, fat cheat) meals a day kinda worked out

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I also didn’t want to have sex or meet anyone during that period. For me, sex drive is related to wanting to be healthy

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Per month?? Wow that’s interesting

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Per day! Lmao 161515


I meant 2 fat cheat meals, daily for a month and u only gained 2 to 3kg is quite unusual.

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Yeah well, more or less all I can eat. Keep in mind that it’s 24-36 kg if I continue the “spiral of doom” for a year

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I really think you should give therapy a try @Zoe You consistently make excuses for why you can’t. You consistently post about the same issues you have here on the forum. These issues are not going to go away on their own.


You always pick on me it’s really annoying. Why don’t u pick on some1 else for once. I’m not the only one who posts about similar issues with a slightly different turn.

I really had enuf of u.

I really can’t do therapy it’s not an excuse!!!

I’m not picking on you @Zoe It just seems like you are struggling alot and yet you don’t prioritize getting help.

I am prioritising u just can’t see it. And that’s OK but it’s true. You don’t know what else is happening in my personal life.

I’m basing my opinion on the topics you post about over and over again on the forum. You frequently post about the same themes. I am assuming you are posting because you want help. We’re really not equipped to help you on the forum which is why I and others have suggested you should consider seeing a therapist.

I just posted this thread today, to feel less lonely in it by seeing how others experience the craving feeling.

Sometimes ppl can indeed help too.

Which would be a bonus.

It’s about letting others be ur teacher.

Sometimes one phrase can be a light bulb moment for me.


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Hey I used to get urges to binge eat, too. Generally it happens when I’m experiencing a very strong emotion or feeing or I’m nutrient deficient because I’m eating bad stuff and need proteins or vitamins. Someone you have to ask yourself why you want to binge eat and then treat the reason that is triggering overeating. When you do, the desire to eat decreases. This is for me at any rate. Hope this helps. @Zoe

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Key is balance. One extreme leads to another

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