For Those of Us Who Have Written Outrageous Stuff on This Site

There is a reporter in Belarus whose plane was diverted over International airspace by a government he criticized where he was arrested and is probably not in a nice place right now. Aren’t you glad we haven’t been treated the same?


I’ve said insane stuff when Unmedicated in real life. I swear and I absolutely was not hallucinating my dad took me to the emergency room once and there was a guy wearing a suit he looked like an FBI agent or something that was talking to my doctor. I was running for president and made threats to the now deceased San Francisco mayor. I’m positive it was fbi but he heard me bragging about my religious experience to the doctor and probably gave me a break. That was 2016 and in 2019 a couple years after the mayor died of a heart attack I claimed responsibility for his death. To like 5k people on Facebook and a ton of people on Instagram. I avoid social media and stay on my meds. I’m like the nicest guy in real life. But delusions can be extremely dangerous. I thought the mayor was spying on me it was a delusion and I was extremely upset. Certain countries are horrible for even the smallest things. But that’s still bad scary and good thing I’m all talk and wouldn’t hurt anyone even if I did make threats off meds. But yea stay on your meds everyone.

They would have chopped my head off in a lot of countries!

Well, when I report news stories I try to keep my sources anonymous.

That is why I love the values of a liberal democracy. The guarantees of individual liberty and the protections we have from the abuse of power are the ingredients of a satisfying life. We need to guard those guarantees and liberties constantly.

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