For those of us on SSDi

For those on USA disability when should we expect our deposit ? I know from experience it doesn’t always happen the day it is suppose to I tend to get 1 or 2 out of the year, deposited earlier than marked on the official calendar .

It’s actually a different week of the month for different people. Some people get it the first week of the month, some the second, some the third…

my birthday is the 18th & I get mine on or about the 3rd of the month

If your deposit day falls on a weekend they will deposit it the Friday before.


And I think if your deposit date falls on a big holiday they will deposit it early as well

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Just figured out I get ssdi+ssi is why i get mine on the 3rd

Mine always shows up between the first and third of the month. Usually it is the third but it sometimes comes early.

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Mine deposits the 17th or 18th of each month. I’m sure it varies from state to state

I think mine still comes on the 1st of the month (not sure if I’ll get it today instead for January)

my son’s SSI comes on the 3rd.

I get mine the second Wednesday of the month but my bank gives it to me a day early so I get it on Tuesday.

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