For those of us in AA

Hard not to relate to this, right?

So glad I’m not looking for solutions in bottles any longer.



Addiction is a killer. I am glad you’re keeping clean and enjoying your hobbies.

You have a family, and people who care about you - there is a lot to be said for that.

And on top, you seem to be doing a good job at kicking Sz’s ass!

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Never had a problem with alcohol.



Used them to:

  1. Make up for when I didn’t have booze.
  2. Augment limited supply of booze.
  3. To try and cope with problems caused by booze.

Regarding number three, it turns out to not be a good idea to do hard amphetamines for several months in an attempt to work a couple of full-time jobs simultaneously by NOT SLEEPING. It sure didn’t turn out well.

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I use a CNS depressant (on occasion) when I get depressed.


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