For those in remission

  • I have positive symptoms
  • I have negative symptoms
  • I have both
  • I have no symptoms

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Interested to know what remission means for different people

I have no symptoms that I can tell so safe to say I have experienced remission for the first time in life.

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I have occasional paranoia and voices but I live with it

I dunno how to live with positive symptoms like hallucinations or voices, I can deal with delusions if they not severe enough

You get kinda used to it. The voices normally come at night when I’m going to bed not during the day. I just take a bathroom break at work when things get overwhelming

I don’t really know if I’m in remission. I get faint voices when I get stressed and even fainter whispers at night time

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I know you are on latuda. May I know at what dose it reduce your voice? I know you are in college. Does it affect your concentration?

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60mg reduces the voices for me. 80mg eradicated them but it gave me dystonia. It does not affect my concentration, but I do not have negative symptoms

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I don’t know if I’m considered to be in remission or not. I will still have positives under stress. My wanna is broken (lack of motivation). I’m having mood swings. But I cope really well and I’m looking for full time employment. So would you consider me to be in remission?

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It is very good that you stay positive and has no negative symptoms.

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I have constant negative symptoms and occasional positive symptoms even though I’m in remission. So, I put that I have both positive and negative symptoms.

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