For those having trouble sleeping


1g of Taurine + 100mg of L-Theanine should put you into a good sleep.

Both substances are calming for the body.

Some may need higher dosages.

Sleep easy!


U must be a lightweight haha I need like 400-600 of l-theanine to feel it


I take a gram or two


Where iz melatonin…!!


Recommended dose is 600 mg per day however you can take as much as you want.


Going to take my l theanine now. Thanks.


I sometimes waske up netween 1am and fibe am
I take l theanine twicr a day


I get restless legs from Melatonin.


What do u take for sleeping… i take 25mg seroquel for sleeping…it works i dont have money for supplement…!!! Long time no see @deepndark …!!


I usually take Tenox for sleeping. I have no Tenox atm. might get some the next month by calling my nurse or doctor. Sometimes my thoughts don’t let me sleep. Anyway, nice to have you here and talking again. :slight_smile:


Hey @deepndark which medication are u on…???


Zypadhera Injection.


U mean zyprexa …iz it…


It’s called what I typed, but yes, it’s an injection version of Zyprexa.


That Theanine sounds good stuff. Living in the uk do they sell it at holland and barett or will i have to buy it online?


I think u can buy it through amazon…is it available in ur country… its unavailble in our country and i dont have money for supplement i am poor like my country…!!!


ok thanks for the info mate. definatly will look into buying some


It never worked for me hopefully you will have better luck


will try anything at the moment so i can sleep properly. Im a bit of a drinker, so they always refuse me sleeping tablets. Will give it a go - hopefully it works. Chemist is getting a bit suspicious about the amount of night nurse im buying. Been using that to sleep lately. Probably order it online see how it goes.


I take up to 1100 mg L-Theanine in a day.
It seems, for now, the only thing putting me to sleep is 3 - 5 mg Melatonin pills.
Still some days I can not sleep.