For those dealing with spirits

Do you think through occult methods of protection we could bring this to an end? I’ve often fantasized about becoming a wizard myself.

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i am a free spirit and that is very real, i used to have a tortured soul but now i have God on my side to keep my demons away :slight_smile:

I just give my faith to God.

((( Voices/Spirits )))

you are now actively looking for ‘grounding’ from a subset of the community that will , in all probability , just confirm your thinking , rather than challenge some of the delusional parts.

“Delusional” - When An Individual Feels Lyke They Should Believe What Every One Else Believes In Order To “Function” , “normally” , Within Society …


Individual Safe Grafeetee , Out To Hurt NO ONE , EVN Themselves , But Love To Wander Thro-out The Universe With A Mynde That Is Naught Chained To Spikes , But Gently Swimming Throo Tha STars …

jus my Opinion On “delusional” …

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Get A Quija Board And Freak Yourself Out As You Try To Quit Smoking ,

It May Work !!

Ok ,

So I’ll Try To Explain My Personal Hope Within Spirituality ,

So Buy A Highliter ,

Get A Piece Of Paper ,

Get A Pencil ,

and Now ,

Go To Your Bedroom , ALONE … ,

Write Your Heart Out ,

and Then Highlite The Positivity ,

Cross Out Tha Negativity ,

and See What It Look Lyke ,

Perhaps You Will Have A Better Understanding Of Your PERSONAL Spiritual Voices ,

You Don’t Have To Explain Your Exsistence To ANYONE , … ,

Give It A Go Yo !!!

I have to keep telling myself… it’s not astral projection of people I know… they are still alive and healthy.

It’s head circus. It’s this cross wired brain and a med change.

I am of the mind that occult protection is harmless so it is fine for me to use.

Better than carrying around a physical weapon and the consequences.

No. That’s like going to a pyromaniac to help you put out a fire. Do they know how to do it? Probably. Is it going to bite you in the butt in the end? Probably.

Well, however we solve the problem, we will still have to deal with life’s other challenges. But that ought to be a breeze compared to our enduring this difficulty.